Clanfolk Free Download

Clanfolk Free Download: Clanfolk is a unique, immersive experience that takes place in the Scottish Highlands during an ice-bound winter. You must harness your environment to survive – fish for food or warmth; gather berries and plants used as medicine while hunting wildlife so you don’t go hungry! Build homes with ceils high enough so they can stand against snow drifts piling outside all year round…and more importantly: Have children who will grow up into adults to see this world transformed by their generation just like previous ones before they did

About This Game:

Clanfolk Free Download: Clanfolk is a challenging medieval colony sim that takes you to the Scottish Highlands and pits you against nature itself. Starting with an empty plot of land, only family members present at the start of gameplay can survive as they establish their hearth & home by watching over Livestock or farming various crops which depend upon seasons for growth/harvesting needs

Clanfolk Free Download

The Clanfolk game is an interactive, story-driven adventure that lets you create your own family’s history from start to finish. Choose what relationships are essential for each generation and watch them grow up through marriage; have children who become grandparents themselves! With so much attention given toward heritage in the modern world – this one has it all: love stories featuring ancestors on both sides of our legacy–it does add something special when players get involved with their families’ tales

A new family in need of management

The scene is set with a bustling crowd at attention. In front, people are lined up neatly like soldiers waiting for inspection; behind them stands an old woman who looks ready to give birth or perhaps lead this group into battle–members seem tense but also excited about what’s coming next! She points towards you then says something that causes laughter among all those assembled before turning back toward home base while everyone else follows suit—it would seem some news has been delivered effectively enough because they head off without another word being spoken between

Clanfolk PC Free Download

In the time of our ancestors, people lived in harmony with nature. The seasons dictated what they did and where their goals lay- finding berries or trapping eels for winter food sources; hunting rabbits during summer months when grasses grew lush but pests abounded to steal away any chance at survival if you weren’t careful enough! And then there was springtime…

The people of Thule Base are always struggling to survive in this unforgiving world. The constant challenge is water: it will turn anything into ice if left out too long, but fire can’t do much against soaking wet objects either – even though they’re less likely to catch on flame than dry ones! It takes care ingenious techniques like slash-and-burn farming or training animal breeders just right so that you have enough food for all your followers without relying heavily upon outside sources such as hunting animals with snowshoes during wintertime

The ancestors will teach you how to live on this land. They know every rock, root, and stem that grows here; they’ve been through the cold winters when There was no food but snowshoe rabbits were everywhere…

The people of your family are waiting for their descendants in each generation – it’s up to them if we keep going or not!

The lands you inhabit are rich with natural resources. You can reap the rewards of your labor by crafting items like pottery, bricks, and tiles which will help sustain life on our settlement’s scarce land mass! But it takes time – patience is key when working these raw materials into useful creations that keep us all moving forward together as one people under harsh conditions where preparation becomes imperative to avoid disaster before anything else comes along unexpectedly knockin’ at doors asking “What took ya so long?” Well dear friend there

In the highlands, many families owe their loyalty to one clan. But traders and travelers from other clans come to visit your settlement for you to make new friends or earn coins by selling goods which can be difficult with just one family around! That’s why it is important to have good relations between different groups so they don’t try taking advantage of us during these hard times–we’ll need all Support we could get if anything ever happened do deal again

Clanfolk Free Game Download

The life of an ancient Scot is a hard one – migratory, pioneer-with often scarce resources. Yet there are times when you can find happiness even in these crude beginnings if your people have been fortunate enough to survive long enough together as Clanfolk does for its players! Travelers seek lodging at our doors while passing through on their way further into Celtic lands or simply seeking new opportunities elsewhere; we offer them shelter against the elements should they need it most but also facilitate relationships between travelers who might otherwise never meet had fate not brought us all here today… Clanfolk Free Download


    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: Windows 7/8/10
    • Processor: 2.6 GHz Dual Core
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 1GB 3D DirectX 9 Compatible video card
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Storage: 2 GB available space

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